VARYA MIDI is an air purifier suitable for most situations as it guarantees an effective air purification in rooms up to 40 sqm.

Through a triple filter system it grants a high level of air purification:

  • – The first filter is an aluminum grid that blocks the larger particulate matter in the air. Washable, it helps to avoid the clogging of the other filters and thus extends the lifespan of the purifier
  • – The second filter is a catalytic filter that breaks down formaldehyde (and other TVOC or Total Volatile Organic Compounds) into compounds that are not dangerous for humans and traps them inside, so  that they are no longer dispersed in the room
  • – The third filter performs an antibacterial action and traps mold, microbes and fine dust. It is in fact a high efficiency HEPA filter that captures fine particles (PM2.5), bacteria, viruses and allergens neutralizing them with the combined action of  the UV-C  light.

Very silent (the noise level stays within the 17.4 dB in sleep mode and the 55 dB of the full speed), it can be controlled via a touch screen or remotely via a remote control.

A color interface makes the air quality clearly visible:

  • Green: excellent air quality
  • Yellow: the air is moderately polluted: it is advisable to close doors and windows and activate the unit before staying. Wait for the color to turn green
  • Red: the air is rather polluted. Close doors and windows and activate the unit at high speed, until the air improves (the light turns green)

A timer alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced and a display indicates the amount of particles (PM2.5) in the air.

Lightweight (8 kg), it is easy to move from one room to another.



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