The high capacity makes this air purifier suitable for large rooms (up to 100 m2) or for the quick treatment of smaller rooms (purifies a 30 m2 room in just 6 minutes).

For the maximum effectiveness, it has a double air intake (on both sides) and a double multilayer filter.

It is also designed to be particularly quiet (between 26 dB in sleep mode and 66 dB at maximum power; for reference, a vacuum cleaner typically produces 70 dB of noise).

It can be controlled via a touch screen or remotely via a WIFI connection and via an APP through a the mobile phone. A color base interface makes the air quality clearly visible:

  • Green: excellent air quality
  • Blue: the air needs to be purified
  • Yellow: the air is moderately polluted: it is recommended to close doors and windows and activate the unit until the color turns green
  • Red: the air is rather polluted. It is recommended to close doors and windows and activate the unit at high speed (until the color turns green)

A timer informs when the filter needs replacement and a display indicates the amount of PM 1 in the air.

VARYA EXTRA guarantees a P4 level of performance for Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) for PM 2.5 fine particles, meaning that the purifier is able to capture up to> 12,000 mg of PM 2.5 before performance begins to degrade; P4 level is the highest available).

Similarly, it guarantees a CCM level F4 for formaldehyde (i.e. it is able to trap> 1500 mg of formaldehyde; the F4 level is the highest existing for gases). Formaldehyde is a group 1 carcinogen, according to the IARC definition; it is frequently present in the buildings where we live or work because it is released by panels, paints, coatings, etc.

It has wheels (and side handles) and is therefore easy to move from one room to another.



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