VARYA MAXI has been tested against the Coronavirus (*) and guarantees the elimination of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, thanks to a new technology based on the use of silver and copper ions.

Effective for rooms up to 70 square meters, it uses a double filter that performs an antibacterial and antivirus action.

The first filter uses the bactericidal properties of silver and copper ions: these have the ability to penetrate the cell membrane of viruses and bacteria, destroying their DNA. It removes over 99% of viruses (*).

The second filter is a high efficiency HEPA class H13 medical filter (captures 99.97% of the particles in the air). The presence of an additional layer of activated carbon ensures the elimination of formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VARYA MAXI is designed to be very silent (the noise level is between 28 dB in sleep mode and 68 dB at maximum power; for reference, a vacuum cleaner typically produces a noise of 70 dB).

It can be controlled through a touch screen or remotely through a WIFI connection and via APP, downloadable on the mobile phone. 

A color coded interface makes the air quality visible:

  • Green: good air quality
  • Blue: air needs purification
  • Yellow:  air quality isn’t very good. it is recommended to close doors and windows and switch the unit on. Wait until the indicator is green again
  • Red: the air quality is particularly poor. Apply the same procedure described earlier but switch the unit on at the maximum speed.

A timer alerts you when the filter needs replacement and a display indicates the amount of particles  (PM 2,5) in the air (together with further indications such as room temperature and humidity).

VARYA MAXI Guarantees a P4 level of performance in terms of Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) for PM 2.5 particles, meaning that the purifier is able to capture up to> 12,000 mg of PM 2.5 before the performance begins to deteriorate; the P4 level is the highest available).

Similarly, VARYA MAXI guarantees a F4 level of CCM for formaldehyde (i.e. it is able to trap> 1500 mg of formaldehyde; the F4 level is the highest available for gases).  Formaldehyde is a group 1 carcinogen (according to the definition of the IARC) and is normally present in the environments in which we live because it is used for panels, paints, coatings, etc.

VARYA MAXI has wheels (and side handles) and is therefore easy to move from one room to another.

(*) Tested with Coronavirus H1N1. Test results are available upon request




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