VARYA STERIL OZONE LARGE SURFACES is designed to sanitize large spaces such warehouses, storage areas, cold rooms or waste treatment areas.


Ozone is a natural disinfectant that the unit produces through an electric shock that leads 3 atoms of oxygen (present in the air) to combine into a single molecule (ozone). This molecule is unstable and has the tendency to merge with chemicals or microorganisms in the air, breaking them down and neutralizing them and making the room free of viruses, bacteria and odors.

How long shall the process last to kill all the micro-organisms, depends by the volume of the room and the level of ozone production: normally, the higher the amount of ozone produced, the shorter the time required to clean up the environment (and vice versa).


The ozone produced by the device can irritate the respiratory tract: people (or animals) must not be present, when the unit is on.


VARYA STERIL OZONE LARGE SURFACES is supplied with a timer that controls the time the units stays on, so that that the unit can be switched on (and off) with no need for anyone to be in the room.


Ozone degrades autonomously (turning into oxygen). After the use of the unit, open the windows to produce and air change and allow an hour before entering the room again.


VARYA STERIL OZONO LARGE SURFACES does not contain refills, lamps or filters and does not require periodic maintenance: under appropriate conditions of use, it stays efficient for years.


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