VARYA STERIL LAMP UV is a light sterilization lamp that eliminates viruses and bacteria from the rooms where it is used.

Designed to emit 360-degree light, it sanitizes an environment in minutes. The UV-C light emitted by the lamp destroys the DNA of the microorganisms that get irradiated.

The lamp should always be activated in the absence of people or animals: the UV-C light is extremely effective, but its exposure could cause skin or retinal damage.

In order to avoid risks of accidental exposure, the product is supplied with a timer: by setting the timer, the lamp will turn on with a delay (and off after a set time) so that every individual can comfortably leave the room before the lamp switches on (or return to the room when the lamp switched off ).

The unit if supplied with a remote control too: it has a functioning range of action of 10m, and allows the operator to activate (and deactivate) the lamp from a safe distance.

The lamp retains its bactericidal properties for a few thousand hours (equivalent to a continuous operation for over a year): if activated sporadically, “as needed”, the lamp maintains its full effectiveness for several years (with no need to replace the bulb).

The sterilizer is handy (its base is 20×14 cm; its height is 40 cm) and light (550 gr) and can be easily moved from room to room, if necessary.


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