VARYA CONFORT reduces unpleasant odors, fine dust, allergens, microorganisms and chemicals in general.

An efficacy demonstrated by the tests carried out by the University of Turin, Department of Chemistry.

For offices, businesses, beauty centers, gyms, hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants and kitchens, laundries, hotel rooms and wherever there is an air quality problem.

The purifiers of the VARYA CONFORT range purify the air without using perfumes, fragrances or other chemicals. A single unit is effective in environments up to 45 square meters. For larger rooms it may be necessary to install more than one unit.

It combines the bactericidal action of UV-C light, the natural decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through photocatalysis and ionization that precipitates pollen, particles and allergens.

It can be easily installed on a wall or on the ceiling, or it can simply be placed on a flat surface (ideally at least 1 m from the floor, for an ideal performance).

It is made with a steel finishing, to adapt to rooms that have image needs and is designed to operate 24/7.

VARYA CONFORT requires an annual maintenance which consists in the replacement of the UV lamp and the cleaning of the filter and the unit in general.


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