Bad smell in the restrooms: an air purifier is enough to eliminate it permanently


If you run a business such as, for example, a restaurant, you already know how important it is to guarantee customers and employees a healthy environment where it is pleasant to linger for a long time. A bad smell coming from the restroom can certainly affect your business because it influences the opinion of customers (as well as, possibly, their reviews about the service offered). This happens especially in places where a high level of comfort and cleanliness awaits us such as retirement homes, laundries, hotels but also… your home! For example, those who live in apartments with a blind bathroom wonder how to eliminate bad smells from the bathroom and experiment, over time, different solutions, almost always unnecessarily expensive and, in the end, even bankruptcy. An air purifier, on the other hand, is a technological device capable of eliminating bad odors in a short time (and, where needed, even in a continuous cycle, day and night) thanks to a combination of strategies, such as UV-C light. with bactericidal action, photocatalysis and ionization, which determine the natural decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the precipitation of pollen, fine dust and allergens in general. One of the advantages of air purifiers is the fact that they do not involve the use of chemicals, fragrances or perfumes and this makes them particularly safe even in environments that require a certain asepticity, such as nursing homes, hospitals, kitchens and the laundries.

How to eliminate bad smells in high traffic restrooms

Enjoying pure and pleasantly breathable air in public toilets, bathrooms in offices, retirement homes, gyms, restaurants and commercial premises of all kinds is not a utopia. It is in fact easily achievable with the installation of a VARYA air purifier from the “Day and Night” line. These are devices designed for continuous use and fixed installation on the wall or ceiling. Furthermore, these air purifiers are not limited to eliminating the bad smell typical of the bathroom but act on several fronts, also reducing the risk of bacterial or viral infections. According to the Chemistry Department of the University of Turin, which helped us to test and demonstrate its effectiveness, they are able, for example, to decrease the concentration of allergens, pollen, fine dust and dangerous chemicals in the air. just a few minutes after they are switched on. It is therefore highly recommended to use them also as a valid answer to the problem of indoor pollution. Maintenance is quite simple and is limited to the need to change the UV lamp and the integrated filter once a year, in conjunction with the ordinary cleaning of the purifier. All VARYA purifiers for professional use are silent but VARYA SILENT is even more so, specifically designed to eliminate indoor pollution and bad odors in the bathroom or in other environments that require maximum discretion such as meeting rooms, beauty centers, hotel rooms, hospitals, clinics and retirement homes.

How to eliminate bad smells at home

Air purification is also important inside our homes. In fact, several studies have shown that closed environments can be even more polluted than the air of an average busy road. This is even more true in the bathroom where, in addition to the bad smell typical of toilets, the air is contaminated by the chemicals of some products dedicated to beauty or personal care, generally in sprays, such as hair sprays, deodorants, etc. . If you are also wondering how to eliminate the smell of mold not only from the bathroom but from any other environment affected by this rather common “domestic plague”, the answer is once again in the technology of air purifiers. The milder solutions, based on the use of lemon, bicarbonate or chemical or natural perfumers, have a limited effect over time and, instead of eliminating the smell, they cover it. The VARYA air purifiers of the “When needed” line, on the other hand, are able to eliminate any odor because they destroy the DNA of viruses, bacteria and organic substances suspended in the air, penetrating the cell membrane and trapping mold, microbes and fine dust in the filter. The biggest advantage of the models included in this line is their ease of moving from one environment to another. They are in fact equipped with wheels and can be used in different rooms, depending on the needs. They are also very easy to use, thanks to the integrated display with information on air quality:
• green: excellent air quality;
• yellow: the air is moderately polluted and it is advisable to close doors and windows and activate the unit before staying;
• red: the air is rather polluted and it is advisable to activate the unit at maximum speed.
It is therefore also a method to always keep the purity of the air under control, extremely useful in the event that one or more allergic people live in the house. Even in the professional field, the models included in this line stand out for their effectiveness and know how to adapt perfectly to every dimensional requirement. In particular, VARYA EXTRA is perfect for rooms up to 100 square meters or where air purification must be carried out more quickly, as in the case of hotel rooms which must be ready to welcome a new guest a short distance from the previous one. Some models like this are also equipped with a touch screen and a WIFI connection via the app and can therefore also be controlled remotely.


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